Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Over and Out

With an unknown length of time before Matt and Esther get back from their two week mission trip, I decided it would be wise to attempt a blog post since this might help me get back in the swing of things for August.

Nimoy and I have been toughing out the heat, and we had a couple cool days this week to give us a break. Today is hot again, although nothing like last week. I managed pretty well since I ran the air conditioner and fan in my room at night, but now that Esther will be back, it seems fair to put the air conditioner in one room and fan in the other. We'll see how that goes, lol.

The last two weeks of being home alone have flown by - it has been extremely busy at work, so I picked up some extra hours, spent time with friends and some of the youth who were left-behind also, did little things around the house (not as much as I expected!), trained Nimoy to jump over stuff, dabbled in (Christian) meditation a la Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline, and took a BIG LONG NAP yesterday to top it all off :D

August will probably fly by - Esther is here for another week and a half, then Matt will have VBS soon afterwards, and we will be flying out west for Clayton's wedding the day after VBS wraps up. Hopefully blogging will fit in there somewhere since it is a great way to keep track of where/how the time flies, and it is a good discipline for me to write. Especially since I won't have any papers next semester! Being graduated still rocks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So... It's Hot

And tomorrow has been forecast to be the hottest day yet. So after taking Nimoy on his nighttime walk and taking the stairs up (one of the elevators is broken and I skipped kickboxing because it was so HOT), my sweaty self taped aluminum foil to our west-facing windows.Dining room above, kitchen below. Now from outside, we look like crazy people who don't want aliens or government satellites reading our minds :P But we are not the only ones, and I am praying this makes the apartment slightly less of an oven to come home to (and wake up to, sigh)For the record, the blinds will also be down, so from inside I think everything will look pretty normal. There are a few girls coming over for small group tomorrow night, and I don't want to scare them off!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taking July Easy

Dear family and friends and random readers, if you exist.

Due to my sister visiting, loving outside and gorgeous weather, and possibly moving this blog to my own domain in the next month or so, posts will not be as frequent as they have been the last few months.

I hope you will continue to check back/keep me on your blog reader to see when there are new posts, and hopefully Moving With God will have an awesome new look in the near future.

I'm not taking an official break, just slowing it down for the next month or so and wanted to give y'all the heads up why posts are not as frequent.

Much love! Until next time,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Early July

It has been an amazing (and busy!) couple of days - June ended, my sister arrived for a 40-day visit, Matt turned 25, and I worked an 11 hour day to catch up from the long weekend mail.

SO I made it through June without using shampoo (although I was tempted once or twice) and am going to stick with no-poo for the time being. I have occasional greasy-hair days, but I have been tweaking my baking soda mix and experimenting with how long I let it sit in my hair (sometimes no time, sometimes a few minutes), so for now I think it is worth it for healthier hair and scalp plus its dirt-cheapness.

Esther arrived bright and early Friday morning. Matt and I picked her up at the airport, then we had a delicious breakfast of crepes! They were small so I could flip them with our flipper since my last crepe attempt ended in mangled, doughy mess.These crepes include kefir and home-ground flour! Very delicious.

After crepes, we spent the day alternately hanging out, napping, watching TV and generally relaxing. Then that night we went to a barbeque at the Keidanns' for some of the youth group to welcome Esther
and ALSO to surprise Matt with a cake! Three cakes actually...
but only candles on one :)
After bbq, Matt and Esther and youth played games in the woods, but I wasn't feeling well, so I watched comedy on netflix and listened to fireworks from home.

THEN Saturday was Matt's real birthday! He decided to go fishing in the morning, but that turned into a much longer adventure because the hospital visit and emergency surgery took up a big chunk of fishin' time.
So what happened was, Matt was helping detangle one end of a double-hooked lure from a net WHEN the not-dead catfish on the other hook suddenly thrashed and hooked Matt's thumb. Then it continued to thrash around and generally freak out, driving the hook all the way to the bone. So there was a hospital visit, emergency surgery, and a tetanus shot! I'll post pictures separately so that the squeamish can avoid them. Happy Birthday Matt!!!

It all had a happy ending though, and we had a fun night with Esther and a friend playing Settlers of Catan :)

That's all the new news! I officially have a summer cold, so that's no fun, but it's not worth posting any pictures of. Just picture me blowing my nose all day.