Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving with God

It has been a while since I have kept a blog, and it was nice to take a break. But I think I'm back.

Here's the thing - Matt and I are moving to Scarborough in June, and we're both pretty excited about it. We'll be much closer to the church, so it's a great opportunity for Matt and I to be closer to our ministry and build more community in the area we are serving. I hope we can have people over more often and have more energy to invest in relationships, since the people we want to befriend and get to know better will no longer be a 45 minute bus ride away! :)

The reason I wanted to start blogging again is to create some accountability for the hopes and dreams I have for this move. My goal is to live with intentionality in this community that God is giving us - to be salt and light in our neighbourhood and specifically in our building. It's not the best neighbourhood, and there are certainly nicer buildings near by (although they did not have affordable 2-bedrooms!) - but I have a strong sense that God has plans for us in our new place, and I want to chase after them - to take risks of obedience and vulnerability and discomfort and be changed and grow like never before. And God has done crazy things in my life before, so this is a big deal.

My hope is to share the journey of moving with God - seeking his presence and joining the work he already has in progress. I hope that this blog will be a way to reflect on and share what is happening and where I'm at from week to week - beyond the bliss of living above ground and in walking distance to a grocery store.

Please pray for us! And stay tuned :)

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  1. That is so cool that you're already planning to be intentional. I know it's incredible what God can do when we watch for Him and expect Him to be working in the lives of people around us. I'm so excited for you both and looking forward to news of the journey!
    I love you guys :)