Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday! [Vol.1]

First off, I am still LOVING December. Still can't explain it, but I am soaking up all the happiness and serenity and joy that just keeps bubbling up in my heart this month!

Next, the apartment is decorated! It's not anything crazy, but it is very nice in the evenings (especially since the sun goes down so early these days) to have such a cozy, Christmassy home :) However, my phone has stopped taking pictures, and that was the easiest way I had to get pics on this blog SO picture evidence will be delayed until I find some batteries for my real life camera.

Last, I just had my day made by this website. Apparently OB tampon company needs to apologize to everybody. Why? I don't know. BUT if you are a lady, go ahead and type your name in to the little box that pops up, then give it a couple minutes and enjoy! Gentlemen, somehow none of the male names I tried worked out, but you probably wouldn't love this as much as I did? Pass it on to a lady friend (NOT a new girlfriend).


  1. It's because they stopped selling Ultra Tampons. The coupon says so :)

  2. That website just made our day too. I don't know, there's just something about seeing your name in the sky that makes you feel special...

    Thanks for sharing that! I can't wait to show my friends :)

  3. Well aren't you smart, reading coupons! :P And yeah, I also enjoyed the double arm tattoos! Awesome in fake music videos, yet so weird in real life :S:S