Sunday, August 15, 2010

Being Broken

I stayed home from church last week - to rest. Is that ironic? I listened to a sermon online, prayed when I was moved and convicted, sat quietly, and tidied up around the house when I was done.

I'm afraid there is something about church that inhibits rather than fosters spiritual intimacy with God and others. We bring our "best" selves - put together, not too flashy - and I'm worried that our best selves are not prepared to be broken. What if we came to church ready for God to make us cry? For him to pull the rug out from under us with the reminder that we sin, and it is offensive to him. Or for him to allow us glimpses of glory that leave us speechless and aching with wonder.

What if "how was your week?" could have answers other than "good thanks"? (I know this is true at some churches, and with some people... but I think that generally people ask to be polite, not because they're ready for a messy answer)

What if church was a place where instead of learning to slap Christian labels on our lives, we could be moved by the Holy Spirit to reflect Jesus more and more, regardless of the music playing in the background, whether we are "hanging out" or "having fellowship," even if the movie we're watching or game we're playing doesn't have direct ties to Scripture?

God is reminding me of my brokenness, and it is... great. So I wiiiish that could be happening more in our churches because it brings such deep change and growth and intimacy with God and awareness of grace.

Thanks for your prayers :)

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