Friday, June 4, 2010

Moving In

There was a presentation by a ministry called MoveIn at church on Sunday – they are a group of Christians who move into high-risk/high-need neighbourhoods and commit to pray, then see what God does. I have read a number of articles about this ministry over the months before our move, and it has been a strong influence to be intentional neighbours – to pray for people in our building especially and be open to starting conversations or extending invitations over or receiving hospitality.

So far we have met some really nice people in passing – people holding a door or elevator for us when we had arms full of boxes, having friendly chats in the elevator, or asking what our funny-looking dog is named. On the weekend, the lawn behind our building was covered with people – it looked like a big barbeque on Saturday, and a cricket game on Sunday. I feel a lot of anticipation because there seems to be general openness to community in our building, so hopefully Matt and I are able to keep making connections, praying, and seeing what God does!

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